Maharashtra reports major program registration under RERA

 According to the official report, Maharashtra is governed by the sale of real estate by agents registered under the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA). However, Uttar Pradesh has ordered a shutdown if there is a way to successfully resolve the complaints under RERA.

In a recent report, Maharashtra owns 46 percent of commercial real estate registered nationwide since the Real Estate (Rules and Developments) Act (RERA). According to official documents, more than sixty-six projects have been registered so far in India, and nearly 32,000 have been registered in Maharashtra alone, followed by nearly 6,600 projects in Gujarat. About 4,100 projects are registered in Karnataka. More than 3,000 projects have been registered in Uttar Pradesh, while 3,600 projects have been registered in Media Pradesh.

In addition to project registration, Maharashtra also directs the number of delegates registered under RERA. Of the approximately 55,000 inhabitants of various countries, only Maharashtra reported the registration of 30 delegates. About 4,600,000 are registered in Uttar Pradesh. In all Delhi has registered only 303 missionaries so far.

Of the 70 complaints received from government officials, Uttar Pradesh RERA has eliminated more than 27 complaints, followed by Haryana RERA, which reportedly left more than 14,500 complaints. In Maharashtra, more than 10,000 complaints were rejected.

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