So far, such agreements have been signed with the community and manufacturers. Mada was the landlord who donated for the reconstruction.

MUMBAI: Mhada -type housing contracts will be the third agreement already. This includes community building, construction, and the Maharashtra House Development Center (MADA). So far such agreements have been signed with the public and the founders. Mada was the landlord who donated for the reconstruction.

The state housing office on Tuesday released the GR on the change. Mhada has 56 properties in Mumbai, and from 2018 he is planning a program to rebuild old and old buildings on his land. Reconstruction of Mada buildings governed by regulation 33 (5) of the Development and Development Regulations, 2034.

Mhada builds traditional houses for the poorest, lower and middle classes fixed among the population in the main residential areas. The land is leased to corporate houses built by the residents. Because many families are old and helpless, many homeowners choose to rebuild. But in many cases, it doesn’t last for many years, leaving many families homeless and in extreme financial hardship.

“Because Mada is the only NOC that can appreciate that if conditions are broken, nothing will help rebuild. Not only have development institutions been stable for many years, even in free conditions. On payroll, therefore, all three agreements will be implemented,”GR said.

Representatives named at the Builders Center (Mumbai Center) do not require government intervention. Many projects are the result of poor government policies, poorly constructed, open to all types of interpretation, and constantly evolving. The government needs to improve its policies, that’s what it says and make sure the policies are clear.

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