Mahara is reviewing the rules to ensure that complaints are resolved quickly

To expedite the settlement of disputes and the settlement of disputes, the Maharashtra National Board of Governors (MahaRera) has published a draft of the Arbitration and Dispute Settlement Council.

The Maharashtra Land Agency (MahaRera) has notified the Dispute Settlement Body of the new rules. The aim is to speed up the processing and rejection of appeals by the parties in court under the Real Estate (Rules and Development Act) (RERA).

Therefore, employees in charge of this forum should first complain about the parents. A maximum of ten appeals may initially be lodged. The first written case is expected to occur within 15 days. The next ten complaints must be filed after several complaints have been removed.

In such cases, the registers, all parties, whether they are property owners, builders, or real estate agents, may represent lawyers or legal representatives before the contract. Before that, the plaintiffs were not allowed to represent the opposition in such cases.

If the party agrees, the President’s headquarters must return the complaints to MahaRera within a week, as well as the signed rules and regulations. The appeal shall be deemed to have been rejected or closed after the judges and representatives have not made a final decision.

If the agreement between the parties fails, the complaints must be returned to HR. Announcements must be made within a week so that they can make a positive impact on their news.

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