Madhya Pradesh

Locals said that as a result of the dispersal, a cluster of buildings was damaged – perhaps the second largest after the demon attack in 2016. The group grew between Diwali and January last year, but the second was became Covid and the order of subsequent registrations reached the siege.

BHOPAL: Real estate prices in Madhya Pradesh will increase if the government places new orders after June 30, our sources said. Every year, in Madhya Pradesh a new buying and selling guide is published in the region from April 1, but due to the coronavirus epidemic, Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s decision is not expected to be changed until June 30, to reduce the problem of buyers.

In just one week in June, if mortgage prices improve, house prices will rise more in the region. Thus, an organizational structure is required to keep prices stable throughout the year.

Locals said that due to the disease, a large number of houses were affected – perhaps the second in size after a demon attack in 2016. Large crowds during Diwali. And in January of last year, however, the second was Covid, and subsequent recordings were interrupted by the active ingredient.

Madhya Pradesh Indian Association of Property Representatives spokesman Manoj Singh Meek said the group expected to stay on the budget for a year could not be rated. Many countries around the world have done the same to assess the status of the disease, he said.

The cost of registering parliamentary property is the highest in the country. “Budget limits will also increase for the deficit year with a single goal of meeting the expected annual tax rate,” Meek said. With BP’s registration fee being 50,000 percent in urban areas of Parliament, registration rates are 10.50 percent.

In the first week of April, the CM announced a 2% reduction in registration rates for women purchased under female names. The government announced on Tuesday, there is no registration fee from mothers in the deal; it is provided by the Ministry of Civil Service.

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