Ahead of Monday’s Credit Committee (CoC) meeting, Suraksha’s team is offering a solution, giving banks more money that reduces the time they spend finalizing plans to halt success.

NEW DELHI: Hunters Jaypee Infratech on Monday decided to consider payment by the NBCC and the Suraksha government agency to raise funds for their upcoming meeting scheduled for June 10.

Ahead of Monday’s Credit Committee (CoC) meeting, the Suraksha team Infratech announced its goofy assessment, giving banks more money by reducing the time to fill the blockchain to help the public.

According to local sources, the CoC is considering reviewing Suraksha application, even if it is finalized after June 4.

The Mumbai -based company, which is filing with the NBCC to acquire Jaypee Infract Ltd (JIL), has not yet decided to release it on June 4, but they have more than seven days to expand it.

But the NBCC announced its move on June 4.

These allegations showed that the Coca members took the NBCC application.

They also made a speech or received a request for Suraksha to be sent after a month.

This is the first time the Suraksha team is seeking donations and many members said they should monitor its production, to increase resources.

In that file, JIL announced that the CoC will meet on June 10 (Thursday).

According to sources, the Suraksha group gave the organizations more than 2,600 hectares of debt when they resigned on May 18.

Without submission, Suraksha engaged in NCDs (repayment of loans) worth 1,200 crores to the banks, bringing their full contribution to nearly 7,800 crores.

For real estate buyers, the company has reduced the subscription time for other projects, if possible.

And again, the Suraksha team will collect $ 300 million as soon as its request is approved by the COC to ensure that relentless work is carried out until the final approval is approved by the National Court of Justice (NCLT).

This is the fourth part of the price tag on the fake JIL.

JIL began a grievance process in August 2017 after the National Council of Law (NCLT) approved an IDBI -led application and agreement.

Anuj Jain controls the JIL and oversees criminal activity.

In the first horse race, the introduction of Lakshadweep was part of the Suraksha Group, which declined by 7350 crores.

The CoC denied the payments of Suraksha Realty and NBCC in the second round held in May-June 2019.

The case was remanded to other courts, the National Court of Appeals (NCLAT), and the Supreme Court.

In January 2019, the Supreme Court ordered the suspension of JIL’s case for 90 days and ordered that the NBCC and Suraksha applications be reviewed.

But in December 2019, the CoC approved the NBCC’s move with 97.36 percent of the vote in favor of the third round of applications.

In March 2020, NBCC received approval from NCLT to receive JIL.

Accordingly, the order was quickly opposed by NCLAT and later by the Supreme Court, which on March 24 of this year ordered only new applications to which only NBCC and Suraksha were invited.

The Supreme Court ordered that the process be completed within 45 days, which is May 8, and they also filed for an extension of JIL to July 7 purchases.

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