According to a recent report by Las Vegas Realtors, the average price of a single-family home for sale in Nevada South in October 2021 is $ 440. Housing prices rose by 20.5% to $ 320 a year ago. It is a record high of 0.9% last month.

The value of the city building sold in October was $ 236,000. It also recorded and rose 26.5% from $ 1905 by October 2020.

“The price of our home is rising, but it’s rising slowly,” said LVR President Aldo Martinez. “Despite the delays, house prices are rising, and buyers who are looking for Las Vegas affordable options have turned to real estate and real estate, as evidenced by the value of $ 236,000.

Meanwhile, the distribution of real estate remains the same, causing real estate sales to increase faster than last year. Martinez says the current sales volume is equal to the month of purchase of the items available for sale.

As of the end of October, LVR reported 3,287 closed homes registered for sale without any production of any kind. This is a decrease of 27.0% from the same period last year. 583 Las Vegas condos and free rented towns in October represent a 7.2% reduction from last year.

The LVR reported a total of 3,882 Las Vegas homes, apartments, and buildings sold in October. Compared to last year, October dropped by 4.6% to homes, but by 9.4% to condos and townhomes.

But for other systems, Martinez said the high rate of the real estate market is continuing beyond the market. He said that by 2021 the new target for more than $ 1 million worth of real estate, with more than 1,300 sales this year, has doubled.

The real estate market has been well under control for nearly a decade since the recession in early 2012. Since its inception, Martinez says, Nevada South has been the norm. kuda. and the old low mortgage penalty system for recording real estate prices.

Martinez added that “the builders have not been able to keep up with growth and demand in recent years, and it has expanded our supply chain, resulting in higher housing prices.” Instead, he predicted a “stable house for 2022.”

In October, LVR Las Vegas reported that 29.6% of global land sales were traded for money. This is an increase of 19.2% over the previous year. Although this share has increased recently, it is below the March 2013 sales rate of 59.5%.

With government bans on deportation and detention, the number of so-called illegal traffickers is on the verge of declining historically. LVR Las Vegas reported that short-term and combined sales accounted for only 0.3% of real estate sales in October. This compares with 0.9% of total sales over the past year, 2.4% of total sales in the last two years, 3.0% in the last three years, and 5.2% in the last four years.

These LVR records cover events by the end of October 2021. LVR distributes monthly data based on data.

Other Nevada South markets include:

• Total real estate sales assessed by MLS in October exceeded $ 1.5 billion for homes and amounted to $ 240 million for homes, high-rise buildings, and city buildings. Compared to last year, total sales in October increased by 13.5% of homes and 37.0% of condos by cities.

• Real estate is faster this year than in previous years. As of October, 92.6% of all existing and 94.9% of all existing public and urban homes were sold within 60 days. Compared to the previous year, 85.4% of all existing houses and 81.4% of local houses in the district were sold. 60 days.

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