One thing that has been clear since September / October, is that the failure of the NBFC, which started as a debt problem, has become a debt problem.

CHENNAI: Lakshmi Vilas Bank and India bulls’ house announced their merger last October. Since then, share prices have fallen, mostly due to market downturns and also due to high Indian bookkeeping charges. The contesting CCI explained its participation. All eyes looked at the RBI focused on demand. In an interview with TOI, MD & General Manager of LVB, Patha Sarath Mukherjee said the merger was important for banks and lenders. Details:

How important is this reunion to a world that has changed, then in April?

One thing that has been clear since September / October, is that the failure of the NBFC, which started as a debt problem, has become a debt problem. NBFC among the losers may fall into the budget game, which is why the current crisis. NBFCs are becoming more difficult to grow in this area.

The next step for them is the bank. From India bull’s point of view, it is clear that the bigger the NBFC, the more the deal is needed. To me, this is not a small capital. That was the idea behind the meeting. Both sides see the importance of this. We must wait to see. The elders will face problems. As for the banks, the judges know everything, which is why they have not yet contacted us, with too many questions.

As for the India bulls, I’m sure they’ll watch it too. You have to admit that, in 15 to 20 years, they have built an incredible company. The director will check if they are suitable and suitable for India bull’s printers to the bank and try to transfer them. I think this is a big deal now.

Is there any noise about the nature of this book?

I have to admit that I don’t know anything about the nature of their book. Usually, what I find is a good number. Mine is the most open book in the world. They passed the RBI / NHB test. I guess that we can hear it soon.

Prices dropped after the merger announcement. Is there a reason to review the database?

When sex was announced, many people didn’t believe it. There was a big change in their minds after the CCI approved the meeting. I know what can happen but in the case of RBI. There is no system to recover words from now on.

Is the council meeting on Wednesday?

Is supposed. I informed the board of the progress of the introduction. There were no amendments at Wednesday’s meeting. We met for a quarterly prize.

LVB is going through his fears? With the RBI still letting the Indiabulls in, is the market in a hurry to raise the required amount?

This is part of strengthening the understanding that banks need money. The caravan agreed to help us raise money, without such a meeting. They kept their promise, by registering 5% in the capital. Of course, we don’t know when the RBI will win the title. We are always looking for time to promote these investments. We need 7 to 8 million because I will soon be a capital security guard and on average I need 1,500 million hundred. We are at the forefront of this practice. We talked to a lot of people. This can be a QIP or valuable service.

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