The company will lend them the products and will work with homeowners to manage production, sales and marketing, operations, and cash flow management, leading to customers.

SOURCE: The makers of Kolte-Patil announced on Monday that they have signed two new projects with 13 lakh square under the leadership of the chief.

The company lends its names and works with homeowners to oversee design, sales and marketing, process management, and customer engagement, leading to an era of customer change.

The cost of the project will continue. All new project sites have established small markets in Pune and are located in buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, and residential buildings.

In March, Kolte-Patil signed three new projects with a total of 22 malakhs under attention.

CEO Gopal Sarda said the new plans are aimed at boosting the company’s business to increase market value in key markets in Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

“We look forward to building our business to promote and establish the business on a business scale that delivers the best tax channels we have built and provides a strong return on investment and high return.

Kolte-Patil has designed and built more than 50 projects over the past three decades, including residential, urban buildings, shopping malls and IT parks covering the two-market space. I did not eat.

At 12:15 pm, the company’s stock rose 1.82 percent on BSE Ltd at 229.35 per share.

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