The JMC task force illegally demolished the illegal Sainik settlement building in violation of the terms of the Jammu master plan, the official said.

JAMMU: An unoccupied building was demolished by the Jammu Municipal Company (JMC) here on Thursday, a government department said.

The JMC task force cracked down on the unauthorized construction of the Sainik settlement which was officially removed against the terms of the master plan, the official said.

He said the action was taken under the provisions of Section 8 (1) of the Administration and the Kashmir Construction Works Act 1988.

The JMC has demolished or demolished many previously unlicensed buildings to prevent criminals from repairing those buildings without permission or breaking building rules, the office said.

JMC Commissioner Avny Lavasa urged the public not to impose illegal laws, but to allow the construction of houses for businesses and residential areas.

“People demanded the removal of buildings in terms of building permits and the failure of necessary measures under the articles of the law to be taken against violators, including the aggregation and demolition of sections of the area.

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