According to the latest NAR Housing Affordability Capacity Data, the second consecutive month house rent increased in August 2021 compared to the previous month. Compared to the previous month, the efficiency has improved when the monthly income tax rate has dropped by 1.1% and tax revenue has decreased by 0.7%.

Compared to the previous year, power collapsed in August when family income rose by 3.9% and monthly family income rose by 13.9%. The median value of the 30-year mortgage loan was 2.89% in August compared to 3.00% last year, and the current real estate price has sold the whole, he said, an increase of 15.6% from the previous year.

By August 2021, state and local laws had exceeded 100, meaning that the Housing Affordability family was earning more than the average rent for a middle-class home. The amount required to repay the loan, if significant, is the amount required to repay the 30-year loan amount at a rate of 20% of the family income. The cheapest place in the whole Midwest has a net of 666.8 (average family income of $ 86,614 and net worth of $ 44,016). The smallest portion that could cover the remaining part was west of the coast, which accounted for 114.9 (family income of $ 94,372 and eligible amount of $ 94,372). 82,128). Southeast east is the second-lowest price with 185 marks (low family income of $ 80,180 and a mark of $ 49,920) family income of $ 80,180 and a mark of $ 49,920). 149.1 (average family income of $ 99,286 and income of $ 66,576).

Housing Affordability prices have fallen sharply over the past year in all four regions. The largest decline was in the northeast at 10.7%. Price growth in the south fell from 7.1% last year and is followed by the Housing Affordability West with a drop of 4.9%. The largest decline was 4.8% in the Midwest.

It is moderately moderate in all four areas since last month except for the West’s instability. The Southwest received the highest asset of 0.4% followed by the Midwest receiving 0.3%. There has been a slight 0.2% increase in the North East region.

In the country, tax rates were less than 11 points from the previous year (one point equal to the first 100 percent).

Compared to the previous year, rent payments increased to $ 1,210 from $ 1,062, an increase of 13.9%, annual mortgage rate as a percentage of tax increased by 16.5% in August from 15.1% from last year due to rising house prices and low income only in family finances. In this region, the West has the highest lending rate at 21.8% of interest rates. The Southeast received the second-highest percentage of 16.8% and the South by 15.6%. Housing Affordability The Midwest had the lowest mortgage rate at 12.7%. Paying for a mortgage is not a liability unless you have more than 25 percent of your income.

Mortgage debt decreased after a month and is less than 3%. The slow growth of house prices is a good sign for beginners-home owners to buy in the market. Thus, the amount required to pay the mortgage (mortgage levy) has dropped since June due to the decline in Housing Affordability and continuing to decline below property taxes.

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