City enforcement agencies and national officials have received complaints about farms being illegally built on farmland in the past two days, farms and communication networks being destroyed by five frontal actions of the police station.

GURUGRAM: More than 80 illegal farms, built-in two 30 -hectare colonies, were destroyed in the village of Kiranki, near the Westin Sohna district, in Sohna on Monday.

The city’s enforcement agency and the government plan, which has received complaints about farms being illegally carved into farmland over the past two days, have vandalized farms and communications through five actions before the police.

Ashish Sharma, the town manager, said in response to complaints about unregulated work, the team visited the area and on inspection found 40 houses taken in the first operation. Formed in the ground. “The makers are building the site while the boundary fence is being built,” he said.

He said there was no permission from the administration involved in promoting the farm and it was against the law.

District mayor (implemented) RS Batth said the communication network and its walls were also damaged. The other colonies, which also have more than 30 hectares of land, were built one kilometer from the first colony, with about 15 farms under construction. He said it was also equipped with flashlights.

Many of the border fences were broken, communication links were broken in the presence of 150 police. Typically, farms can be built on 25 hectares of land after the permit changes. Land use and permits from town and state planning bodies.

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