According to a recent report by the Las Vegas real estate agent, the average price of existing single-family homes sold in January 2022 by several services in Southern Nevada was $ 435,000. This is higher than the record set in December. The average house price is 26.1% higher than last year at $ 345.

The average price for local Las Vegas homes and towns sold in January was $ 243,000. It broke again-high last month, up 25.9% from $ 1909 in January 2021.

Las Vegas LVR president Brandon Roberts said: “Warm winter forecasts in the real estate market seem to be happening, despite rising burglary rates.”

He said it had been 10 years since the end of the housing market after the recession, when single-family homes south of Nevada reached less than $ 180,000 in January 2012.

“It’s amazing to think that local house prices have tripled since then and now $ 317,000 is higher than a decade ago,” Roberts said.

The New Year began in the same way at the end of 2021 – with record house prices, the decline in residential real estate and home sales continues at a faster pace than in previous years. Roberts said the January sales volume was lower than the monthly real estate sale price.

At the end of January, Las Vegas LVR 1821 announced a Las Vegas one-family house for sale without any offer. This is 21.3% lower than the same last year. The 322 houses and fixed houses registered with no subsidies in January decreased by 62.0% over the previous year.

The LVR announced that up to 377 neighborhood homes, apartments, and town halls were sold in January. Compared to the previous year, real estate sales fell by 2.9% in January, but real estate sales increased by 13.9%.

According to LVR, 2021 was a record year for local real estate. By 2021, 50,010 existing local houses, apartment buildings, town halls, and other residential buildings were sold in Southern Nevada. This was the first time the Region announced more than 50,000 house or land changes annually, surpassing its previous record of nearly 2,000 sales in 2011. By comparison, LVR reported 41,155 sales in 2020.

Roberts expects local housing prices to continue rising in 2022 but agrees with international experts that they will predict slower than in 2021.

In January, LVR announced that 30% of all home-to-land sales were purchased with cash. This is 21.3% more than last year. Although this percentage increased over the past year, it is still below the 59.5% consumer price target in March 2013.

Because government-imposed sanctions during the current epidemic ban on eviction and looting, the number of so-called trafficking cases is still low. LVR reported that short sales and real estate accounted for only 0.8% of total real estate in January. This was 1.2% of total sales last year, 2.7% two years ago, 2.8% three years ago, 4.3% four years ago, and 11% five years ago.

Some of the most important markets include:

• The total value of the real estate transactions through the MLS in January amounted to $ 1.4 billion of housing and more than $ 183 million of apartment buildings, high-rise buildings, and townhouses. Compared to last year, homes grew by 20.5% and households were down 39.8% in January.

• Houses were sold faster than in previous years. In January, 86.7% of all existing local houses and 90.0% of all existing residential and commercial buildings were sold within 60 days. Compared to the previous year, 80.7% of all existing local houses and 75.5% of all residential properties and designated houses were sold within 60 days.

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