Return to Normal Hopes for Global Construction Supply Chain Dashed by Russian Invasion of Ukraine

According to a recent survey by Andrew Volz, JLL global Construction Research Leader, the U.S. economic recovery and globalization of sanctions-related sanctions have brought a new perspective on construction in the first months of 2022.

As a result, persistent trade problems, global tensions, and rising prices have led to increased commodity prices and higher prices. As this is linked to the ongoing labor unrest and the increase in profits to come, the amount of construction may not be as high as previously expected prices.

Volz continues that although the unemployment rate has returned to the first epidemic level, the number of jobs in the construction industry has recently returned to the pre-epidemic rate and job creation is rising sharply. Labor markets remain extremely tight.

Following unprecedented volatility in commodity prices over the past year, prices remain at a high level and face growing volatility. Continued inflation and high energy prices, the latest of which was caused by Ukraine’s entry of Russian troops and subsequent sanctions against Russia, are likely to increase rising commodity prices and disrupt a global recovery, Volz concludes.

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