According to a recent survey conducted by a Global Commercial real estate consultant, JLL, the global real estate business declined by 13% year-on-on in the first quarter of 2021.

JLL Global Real Estate Perspectives recently described the first quarter of $ 8,800, representing a stable but unequal position in the investment sector. The first phase of the volume was boosted by strong performance in large and liquid markets, including the US UK, France, and Japan.

In the first quarter, demand for high-quality and versatile materials increases. When put together, there is a need to increase the number of games available through market competitions. There were 63% sales opportunities in the first quarter (up from 44% in Q1 2020). Inexpensive items continue to be the mainstay of operations in offices and stores, with a significant share of sales in this segment rising to unprecedented levels since 2015.

“As the Global Commercial investment market remains vigilant, its recovery has shown inequality in some areas and sectors. We continue to see economic growth.” , ”said Sean Coghlan, Director. Global Commercial Capital, Research and Policy Capital Markets, JLL

A quick look at the different races was set in most family groups, led by the U.S. and Europe. Rent housing has seen a 66% increase in Europe, led by the UK, Germany, and France. Asia Pacific, Japan was the largest water market (at $ 11.5bn) with the largest in Q1, due to demand for household goods in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.

Throughout the quarter, markets were linked to organizations and retailers who received taxes from retailers. By 2021, investors have shown growing confidence in selected Asian markets, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, where they undermine the culture and housing environment, increasing the foundation from home.

Nearby college fees remained flat within the quarter, closed by markets and serious families entering the capital. Global retailers with fairly dry skin and access to the field are making a significant contribution to the surrounding market, raising $ 17.5bn in the first quarter.

“A year after the eruption, retailers and retailers have full experience in Global Commercial finance and other regulatory activities. We have seen economic improvements that have strengthened market confidence, as well as market confidence.” The time combined with the continuation of the need to provide funding to building representatives and repairs in future areas, “Coghlan said.

Key markets in the JLL first-quarter report include:

  • Border use remains uninhabited: In the first phase, Global Commercial inflation is reduced by 12%, while the problems of border control in Europe have been significant. On the other hand, there are intelligent financial systems that allow systems to take over selected markets. The UK is benefiting from a top-down payment from North America and Singapore, which saves $ 2.9 billion in Q1. In Japan, American companies are looking at office supplies and stores.
  • The water remains stable: Limited opportunities: Although there is a mix of functional economy and real estate business. This power is increasing now, as the literature continues to change and interview questions are widely distributed. As a result, JLL saw a sharp rise in commodity prices, with inflation reaching the US $ 363 billion in price in the first quarter of 2021.
  • Consumer hunger is severe and dangerous: In the first quarter, the mortgage market saw an increase in performance and increased competition, as dams grew in the second quarter. Despite rising commodity prices and rising commodity prices in the United States in recent years and improved vaccination prevention and the belief that everything will be fine in several economic areas, global credit markets remain in a state of flux. down. Creditors continue to harass essential and high-quality services.
  • Increased pricing data: The share of retailers and retailers has increased from growth units to office and market segments. The opening up of the economy across the Pacific and the rapid introduction of vaccines in the US and UK improve the quality of retailers ’ offices. The market share of the office has increased, and JLL agrees to lay the foundation for further development work.
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