More than 350 green construction projects are currently registered in Gujarat

The Council of India Building (IGBC), which is part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), has given the Green Master Plan and the Passage City Transit Plan as well as a platinum certificate as a gift.

The IGBC approved the measures adopted in the program, including integrated land use, urban capital development, 35 green, and public spaces, housing, renovation and BRTS, subway trains, 100% street traffic, and 100% green traffic management.

GAS the city aims to get more energy with a district heating system and 100% LED Street lights.

The architects of Indian buildings are turning green

GIFT City approved the management by reducing thirty-five percent of drinking water and treated water and 100 percent of wastewater. In the interest of the administration, GIFT City has set up a landfill for the collection and disposal of the rubbish.

Cutting-edge infrastructure

Tapan Ray, CEO of GIFT City MD & Group, said in a statement: “IGBC’s Green City rating system has been identified as a ‘platinum city’ as evidence of the city’s design, planning, and implementation, and commitment to conservation …”

Gifts for investors

IGBC President V Suresh recommended: “The IGBC rating system is designed to meet national priorities and achieve sustainable development goals. United Nations.”

Sameer Sinha, chairman of IGBC Ahmedabad, said more than nine hundred and five greenhouse schemes are currently registered in Gujarat.

There are currently more than 6,540 green building projects, more than 7.82 billion square feet of green buildings that adopt the IGBC’s green standards for buildings and the built environment.

The IGBC plans to move tens of millions of green buildings by 2022, marking the 75th anniversary of India’s independence.

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