According to the basic logic of the June 2021 Debt Performance Report, a Rate of 4.4% of U.S. homeowners was paid (30 days or earlier, including exposure).

This is a 2.7% reduction in crime compared to June 2020, 7.1%. Despite the positive trends, the number of recurrent cases rose above February 2020 and the number of infections was 3.6%.

Core Logic is investigating all criminal systems to get a clear overview of the real estate market and the quality of the garage. By June 2021, U.S. payments for instability and their annual changes are as follows:

  • First cases (30-49 days ago): 1.1%, 1.8% in June 2020.
  • False interest rate (last sixty-eight days): 0.3%, up from 1.8% in June 2020.
  • A serious crime (90 days or more, including stolen debts): 3%, up from 3.4% in June 2020. Still, this is the tenth consecutive month and the highest number of criminals since May 2020.
  • Excluding inventory rate: 0.2% from 0.3% in June 2020. This is the lowest cost of data deletion since the data was first acquired by CoreLogic (1999).
  • Interest rate (interest rate increased from current to last 30 days: 0.6%, decreased to 1% in June 2020.

In June, the state pension was extended until July 31, 2021, to give homeowners time to recover. The improvement has helped increase the vision of the younger generation. Therefore, a CoreLogic survey with home-based memoirs showed that nearly half (43%) of those who refused did not understand state aid programs and could influence a higher law.

“Reducing crime, especially in the worst-case scenario, has been encouraging – and it has been a sign of the economic crisis of the last six months, but also the government’s attractiveness, of documents – of wage cuts.” Frank Martell, CEO of CoreLogic. through the year. “

“While jobs and economic growth help reduce crime, many families are financially vulnerable,” Dr. Frank Nothaft, an economist at CoreLogic. “More than a million people lost six or more people in June, three times more on loan than ever. CoreLogic data will be available from June 2021 and will be long-term and effective.”

Roads and subways:

• In June, all U.S. states fell to the ground.

• All U.S. metrics also reported a decline in crime in June due to primary skin conditions in Miami (6.6 percent), Laredo, Texas (5.7 percent), and Kingston New York (less than 5.6 percent).

• However, crime rose sharply in other accounts, including Odessa (11.1%) and Laredo (10.7%), Texas; Vineland, New Jersey (10.6%); and Pine Bluff, Arkansas (10.4%).

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