According to the current CBRE City Summary, Financial Services demand for information centers has increased in the New York Tri-State due to information dissatisfaction and real-time access to information and radio service centers.

With data usage dropping 12.1% regularly, manufacturers are increasing the search by 38.8 megawatts (MW) under construction – many of which have already been recorded.

“The New York Tri-State area is highly organized to meet the demand for data centers due to its proximity to multiple networks,” said Robert Meyers, Vice President of CBRE Data Center Solutions Group. “Financial services companies, one of the leading companies in the market, are the most influential in the information industry across the region.”

According to a CBRE report, the market received 6.0 MW of use at H1 2021 with a total Financial Services capacity of 160.6 MW (112.3 MW Central New Jersey; 65.3 MW Northern New Jersey; 14.35 MW Manhattan; and 6.75 MW Connecticut). The price per hour is $ 0.085 to $ 0.0975, the highest price compared to $ 0.057 to $ 0.063-per-kW in North Virginia, the largest U.S. market. (1,000 kW = 1 MW).

“New York’s Tri-State area is the seventh-largest market in the world and ranks fifth in the number of opportunities built-in 17 U.S. markets. We are always on the lookout, “said Nicole LaRusso, CBRE’s Chief Financial Services Research, and Analysis Officer. Our developers can provide relevant websites.”

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