The Walt Disney Company recently announced in a new press release this week plans to introduce Storyliving and Disney, an exciting new community introduced by the company’s special form of magic. These professionally organized communities are designed to inspire residents to form new friendships, pursue their interests, and write the next exciting chapter in their lives – enjoying the deeper, more diverse, and more valuable touch that becomes a hallmark of Disney.

According to their press release, the first interview with the Disney community will be conducted in the Coachella Valley, Rancho Mirage, and California, a place where Walt Disney owned and spent time with his family. Other locations in the U.S. are under review for future reference

“For nearly a century, Disney has shared stories that touch the hearts and minds of people around the world,” said Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Disney Parks, Events and Products. “As we prepare to enter our second century, we will develop new and exciting ways to bring Disney magic to people wherever they are, adding stories to the myths. We can’t wait to greet residents in the beautiful and diverse Disney communities where they can live their lives.

The Disney publication says every community, including some 55-year-old residents, Disney members trained in a guest service event, works in partnership with the community. As a club member, Disney also offers access to indoor events such as a well-planned program, live entertainment from cooking classes, anti-poverty activities, seminars, and more.

Disney Imagineers plays a key role in shaping the community’s design concept by working with respected designers and architects.

“Disney Imagineers are researching the local economy to advance the storyliving theme and Disney communities,” said Michael Hundgen, executive producer of Walt Disney Imagination. “Selected interior and exterior regions give residents new opportunities to explore, create and create the next amazing chapter in their story.”

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