As part of a decision under the Bankruptcy Act (IBC), mortgage lender Union Bank of India in January this year approved a request from Piramal Capital and Housing Finance to take over that bank.

NEW DELHI: DHFL mortgages will be deducted from buildings after Piramal Capital and Housing Corporation acquired one of the company’s most successful brokers.

As part of a decision under the Bankruptcy Act (IBC), lending companies led by the US Federal Reserve in India supported Piramal Capital and Housing Finance’s request to take over the bank already in January of this year.

According to the data, DHFL units will be removed when they are received per IBC standards and Semi is trained in the duties.

And again, the states said the company could work with DHFL to comply with the following guidelines and requirements.

The National Law Enforcement Council (NCLT) Mumbai Central Bank on Monday sent an agreement to Piramal Group for DHFL.

The legislative options were already approved by the RBI in February and the Indian Competition Commission (CCI) in April 2021.

The court, headed by HP Chaturvedi and Ravi Kumar Duraisamy, said the evidence was based, at the request of the appeal, on a final decision of the National Complaints Tribunal (NCLAT) and the Supreme Court. Former support of Kapil Wadhawan.

Last year, Wadhawan applied to the credit committee. Lenders declined the receipt, giving a lack of confidence and clarity in the sale of the planned asset. In the process, Wadhawan decided to hire fishermen to sell the goods.

At the same time, Piramal said in a statement: “We welcome NCLT’s news today about the implementation of DHFL programs. It follows 94 percent of lender approval, with some receiving approval. RBI and CCI, reiterating strength and effectiveness. “

The NCLT receipt is an integral part of DHFL’s program and implementation for IBC India’s integrity.

Piramal is committed to working with all relevant authorities, judges, vendors, and financiers involved in the process and to see the future of the decision.

In January 2019, the RBI sent DHFL – which at the time was the third-largest taxpayer on credit – to pay per the Code.

The first finance company mentioned by NCLT and the RBI has technical authority under section 227 of the IBC.

DHFL has dropped more than $ 90 billion in various loans to investors, including banks, individual funds, and the people who invested in the company.

Turn the corner, Dewan Housing Finance Corporation (DHFL) announced on Sunday that total revenue for the fourth quarter of the financial year ended March 2021 was SEK 96.75.

The company sent taxes of $ 7,507.01 million in January-March last year. It reported a mass loss of 13,095.38 on December 4, 2020-21.

For the full year 2020-21, the non-banking company reduced revenue of 1551.17 crores from a crore amount of 13455.81 to 2019-20.

DHFL shares closed on Monday nearly 10% above BSE 20.80.

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