According to the National Association of Home Builders / Wells Fargo Housing Market Index, the strength of Housing real estate agents has helped build confidence in the face of price problems. Views of market builders of newly constructed family homes rose to four to eighty expectations in October 2021.

“While buying and selling Housing real estate continues to intensify, homeowners continue to struggle with staff availability and staff shortages are delayed and are forced to raise property and hit home.”

“Homeowners are starting to worry more about the future of more buyers,” said NAHB Head Coach Robert Dietz. “Prices are rising and continuing to rise and taxes are expected to rise in the coming months as U.S. Government prices.

The three major HMI products levied the tax in October. The following trading scenario yielded a five-point profit out of 87, which the group that anticipated expected sales over the next six months yielded a three-point margin of eighty-eight, and the survey estimated sales of those traders four – pointing to over sixty-five.

Looking at the average three-month moving average of those HMI points, the Midwest rose one point to 69, the Southeast remained flat at 72, the South and West remained unchanged at 80 and 83, respectively.

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