In this regard, the organization wrote several letters to Uddhav Thackeray, Prime Minister of Maharashtra Ajit Pawar, Minister of Finance and Deputy Minister of Maharashtra, and Balasaheb Thorat Maharashtra Minister of Finance.

NEW DELHI: The CREDAI-MCHI team of Realtors on Tuesday ordered the Maharashtra government to reduce stamps by 2 percent in Mumbai to boost housing demand during ECVID-19 epilepsy.

CREDAI-MCHI In this regard, the organization wrote several letters to Uddhav Thackeray, Maharashtra Prime Minister Ajit Pawar, Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of Maharashtra, and Mahasash Thorat Minister of Finance Maharashtra.

CREDAI MCHI, which has more than 900 million businesses, has called on the Government to reduce stamps by two percent in Mumbai by March 2022.

The Maharashtra government in September 2020 announced a two percent reduction. He worked in March of this year.

CREDAI-MCHI In support of its demands, the housing union advocated cuts and reductions in the wages of civil servants.

CREDAI MCHI said the decline is determined to continue as real buyers live on the streets due to rising business prices.

The working group confirmed that the move to reduce the stampede in August 2020 has greatly benefited the organization.

“However, the move not to return the stamp more in March and the start of the second resulted in many ground ups with smaller parts of the administration, and all registered buildings were collected and paid less at 70 percent in May compared to until March, ”the agency said.

Deepak Goradia President CREDAI MCHI said the organization had called for further cuts in March so that the strength of the industry and economic growth would be maintained.

“However, in the last few months, we have seen a huge increase in sales and sales, hampered by not only the positive growth of Real Estate but also 250+ donations. The help started because of the complexity of the outcome. He says.

Goradia said the government should recognize the need to pay taxes to build the reputation of real estate buyers and increase their income.

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