“To avoid overcrowding, the information should be provided when the sale is completed or registration is complete,” he said, who also wants to build to find out if the mortgage has been entered. He rented a building.

MUMBAI: With growing complaints about real estate developers not controlling customer distribution, information the Real Estate Regulate Council and Maharashtra (MahaRera) have ordered them to advertise publicly that the property is being sold or registered.

“To avoid a large number of buildings, the information must be provided once the sale is complete or the listing is complete,” he said, adding that more construction is needed to determine if the mortgage is fixed.

Real estate agents have said there have been cases where homeowners give a buyer a letter of intent; kind of incandescent clear. “A house can be sold in a store without the first person knowing. Another house can be put in the banks. But in this case, the bank doesn’t know. I’m the first or second person if the store sold it, or even if financial institutions know about the sale, “the builder collected money for a house from two parties. In three different ones, “he said.

Navi-based Mumbai builder Manohar Shroff says Navi Mumbai has become a “paradise for fraudsters”.

According to Shroff, on one occasion, the carpenter tricked a saver and fled to Pune. On the other hand, the manufacturer spent $ 100 and a third sold Belapur CBD in large quantities and deceived consumers.

Lawyer Anil Harish, a real estate consultant, said, “It appears that even after RERA, some designers are still writing a lot about a single house. Obviously, this is not the case, underneath national law. But consumers must be careful. “

Mr. Harish said consumers should check the RERA website to see if the program is legally registered and if it has obtained development licenses.  If so, follow the credit card details at that location. Also, check the register records below to check the name and flags,” aniya.

Experts say buyers should sign a contract if more than 10 percent has been paid. “A valid stamp or letter of intent or MOU is 6% of the cost of encouraging people to sign up. This 1% loan must be made against the stamp work on the contract, which means you pay the 4%,”Harish said.

Pankaj Kapoor of the Liaise Foundation, a research company, said the main goal of RERA is to prevent threats and such practices. “The law requires developers to gather information about the prices of real estate being sold and sold on the RERA website. In the past, many development projects have been included. Judgment should be given to such developers. “Buy it and destroy it of the whole organization, “he said.

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