U.S. Companies Plan For More Flexible Work Practices

CBRE’s international consulting firm, flex-office, announced this week that the explosion had taken place and that companies have also committed to playing a key role in transforming their businesses.

The Flex office company ended last year clearing out useless or unhelpful sites on their websites, resulting in a reduction of 10 and a half million meters. Km. The market area is now 70 million sq. ft. in North America, about two percent of the total office space.

Meanwhile, as companies are forced to give their financial position and success through relationships and other events, their giving has gained new momentum. CBRE research suggests that many large American companies need to change shortly by changing the job opportunities of their offices as they work to do new work, including hybrid jobs, part of their newly created jobs. . Many of the advertising companies have openly reported sales reports in recent months.

“The flex-office component opposes the challenge of the office market to come out with a clear vision,” said Julie Whelan, CBRE Occupier’s Head of Research for Research. “Flex-space-organized companies are organized to meet the needs of companies to adapt to changing employee jobs, but keep changing teams if needed.”

“The exchange industry has prospered in times of crisis, expanding its operations to meet the needs of consumers,” said Christelle Bron, President of CBRE’s American Agile Real Estate Practice. “For example, regulators provide essential services by bus, which allows people to use their services whenever needed. These services allow companies to streamline work for individual companies flexibly. “

CBRE identifies four key factors that enhance the need for future opportunities:

• Research shows that employees need flexibility and choice. Most of the people surveyed in the 2020 CBRE survey of employees around the world want to work away several days a week. And many will consider working in satellite offices near their homes a few days a week, which may include offering exchange companies.

• Large companies are considering increasing the use of available space. A May 2021 study conducted by CBRE Occupancy Management found 42 companies using 325 million sq. Km. ft. worldwide make up 55 percent of the population. On top of that, 43 percent expect to take advantage of travel opportunities that increase exponentially.

• Small companies can take advantage of the changing areas to find their location quickly, often, as opposed to traditional buildings.

• The U.S. office market shows signs of recovery. Jobs have been in short supply in the office in recent months. The number of U.S. offices The average job growth rate is low. Restoring the need for office space allows companies to think and compare site renovations with a familiar environment.

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