It can have a big impact on lighting solutions and the lighting industry because it contains a lot of external factors.

NEW DELHI: Prices for lamps and lanterns could rise 10 percent in March as manufacturers run out of electricity in China due to the spread of the coronavirus, ELCOMA said.

Like the electronics and electronics industry, the spread of the coronavirus has also affected the domestic lighting industry when power was cut off by the closure of an Indian Chinese lamp by European Union partners (ELCOMA).

It can have a significant impact on lighting solutions and the lighting industry as it contains a lot of external factors.

“With this coronavirus, we have begun to see a shortage of electronic devices such as chips. The comparison and requirements have not been confirmed,” Sumit Padmakar Joshi, ECLOMA’s deputy general manager, told PTI.

According to him, they are still developing LED lights in India, more than 60 percent of the devices, which is a natural technology in the region, and about 30 percent of the so-called electric motor. The chips were taken to Chinese businessmen and disappeared.

“I expect to appreciate it in terms of the price of electrical appliances because we’ve found that electricity is strong here,” Joshi said, “which can affect the cost of living by eight to ten percent.”

Many industrial partners will be in the stock market until March, and next March the market price will rise.

“It started in January and the industry lasted a few months, hopefully, everything will be clear for a while (as much as possible).

“Every week goes by, the list goes down now. We’ve noticed a drop since March and I’d say this product will be on the market in March.)” Said Joshi, who is also the CEO of Mean New Images in India.

Manufacturers are still looking for other parts to install components, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea, but the balance of demand is unclear.

“If the company closes and it makes sense to spend time, these things aren’t enough. And we see computer stocks in advance. All the chains are gone,” he said.

Joshi asked if prices would drop if Chinese goods arrived legally, Joshi replied, “It won’t happen in 15-15 days. The company is sincere, but it’s not 100 percent” – it might take 3-4 months and if prices drop, it will end. Pressure. “

Joshi also said it was a call to revitalize the Indian industry and focus more on sectorial areas.

“Housing is important because our industry is large. India needs to have a sustainable solution for electricity, not only for lighting but also for other industries,” he added. You have to follow the pattern. Indian style.

Founded in June 1970, ELCOMA represents the home lighting industry.

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