Based on the results of the Multifamily market analysis released this week by the National Home Builders Association, market confidence for new single-family homes in the United States increased in the third quarter of 2021.

The multi-family record went from five to 53 points in the previous ten minutes. The Multifamily room record also rose five points, to 75, the highest number since the index was established in 2003.

The MPI measures the impact of builders and manufacturers on the current situation of homes and real estate in the range of 0 to 100. The index and all its components are adjusted to increase the number above 50, indicating that most respondents report that the situation is improving compared to the reported situation. getting worse.

The MPI is a weighted average of three key elements of the Multifamily home market: low-cost housing policies supported by low tax credits or other government assistance programs; Real estate mortgages – these are the default mortgages that keep the market afloat; and condominium houses for sale. Three categories increased from Q2 to Q3: low-cost lounge units six to 55 points, loan forecast, loans nine to 60 percent, sales forecast after two minutes. go to 47

The MOI examines a multi-family business perspective on residential and residential buildings. This is the standard deviation of the current population density for categories A, B, and C, which can range from 0 to 100, with a breakpoint of 50, where a higher number indicates a larger number. With an MOI of 75, this is the highest since the system was launched.

Justin MacDonald, president and president of The MacDonald Companies in Kerrville, Texas, and president of the NAHB Multifamily Board said, “A room for multiple families nationwide.” “

“The MOI rate is in line with the Conference Center’s solid household size report, which is now higher than it has been since 1980,” said NAHB chief economist Robert Dietz. “IMPI over 50 corresponds to the start of multi-family construction, which reaches 460,000 – plus the annual figure of the first three quarters of 2021 – 2021 should be the strongest year for our multi-family production. seen since then. Fasting predictions increased in the 1980s. many families produced. “

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