The Hong Kong events recorded in the China Kaisa Group Holdings promotion were suspended on Friday after reports had lost money earlier this week due to financial dominance.

This is because investors are still looking for development in the Chinese real estate sector after the Hong Kong collapse of the ever-growing Evergrande debt.

Kaisa said in her business on Friday that the business will be suspended. Other parties – Kaisa Capital, Kaisa Health, Kaisa Prosper – have announced that they will stop selling.

Kaisa said Thursday that her fund had not been able to pay for a product that regulates the economy worried about water shortages.

Shares of Hong Kong Caesar fell about 13 percent this week. About 70 percent of the assets have fallen this year.

Investors are still looking at interest rates at Evergrande Holdings, a company that once lost two funds but was able to meet them within 30 days. Everyone is planning interest in November and December.

A few Chinese real estate companies also warned about defaulting or defaulting on loans.

Kaisa’s debt

Fitch Ratings and S&P Global Ratings were reported on Kaisa last week. Both groups say the company’s revenue has fallen.

According to Natixis, Hong Kong Caesar is prosperous in China as the second-largest exporter of U.S. dollar loans. Evergrande, the world’s most successful land producer, is the first to set off.

In the first half of this year, Caesar, according to Natixis, had crossed the second “red line” defined by the Chinese government in Chinese real estate transactions.

According to Fitch, Caesar has huge debt from now until the end of 2022, including $ 400 million to be paid in December, and about $ 3 billion to be paid in 2022.

Shenzhen authorities will hold a meeting on Friday to discuss Kaisa’s financial situation, and Chinese real estate company Fantasia told Cailianshe media. Fantasia was unable to repay the $ 266 million bond that ended last month.

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