OTS in rural areas is 10,000 crore to 15,000 crore in communities, and ₹ 20,000 crore in businesses

According to YS Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Andhra Pradesh government is waiving home loans for the poor totaling 10,000 crores as part of the Single Settlement Program (OTS).

At the review meeting of YSR Jagananna Colonies and YSR Jagananna Sampoorna Gruha Hakku on Wednesday in Amaravati, he urged officials to raise awareness of the benefits of the OTS home loan program.

In September, the state government offered a One-Time Settlement Program (OTS) to those who received AP State Housing Corporation (APSHC) loans between 1983 and 2011.

The number of OTS is 10,000 in rural areas, 15,000 in municipalities, and 20,000 in companies. Borrowers can benefit from the scheme by paying the prescribed amount by December 15th. The tax authorities will register the country for beneficiaries on December 21st. The regime has also drawn criticism from opposition parties in India.

“Voluntary System”

At the meeting, the Chief Minister said the OTS program is completely voluntary and houses are registered with clear titles.

The state government will waive $ 10,000 billion in home loans for the poor, free entries, and give beneficiaries legal rights to the property, he said.

Criticism of the opposition

Regarding criticism of the opposition program, Reddy said that “certain stakeholders” are trying to block the implementation of the OTS program, that it is “the best opportunity” for the poor, and that “the program is in their hands or not” . . “

He ordered the officers to start distributing registration materials from December 21st. He said the state government will also register the houses and give full rights to 43,000 people who have already paid off the loan amount.

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