U.S. home prices rose at history-making rates this summer, shattering the 45-year record

According to Core Logic’s current home price list as of August 2021, home prices are in the USA

The ongoing technical problems of the small market and retailers are exacerbated by the task of buying real estate buildings. Although the real estate market continues to grow and the economy is recovering from the epidemic, these markets are affecting the number of existing customers.

This can be seen in a recent Core Logic customer survey, where 59% of home buyers reached six percent of their home income, compared to 10% of buyers who wanted to pay less than $ 50,000 for one purchase.

“Home prices are rising at an alarming rate as more consumers are causing housing shortages,” said CEO and CEO Frank Martell. Reasons “We expect to see an increase in job potential and a higher return on investment.”

“Single families still need shelter,” Drs. Frank Not haft, Chief Financial Officer of Core Logic. “These buildings provide living space and homes built beyond the neighboring houses in the area. On average, people’s homes are more than twenty -eight percent more than people’s homes. Single-family. “

High market value until August 2021:

  • Overall, house prices rose 18.1% in August 2021 compared to August 2020. This is the largest 12 -month increase in the US index. From the beginning of time (January 1976 – January 1977). The monthly rent of houses increased by 1.3% compared to July 2021.
  • In August, the value of an object (19.8%) was again measured 7.8 percent higher than the relative value (12%) since the index began.
  • Real estate prices are expected to dominate the 2.2% increase in August 2022, as it still has the potential to harm buyers.
  • In August, housing prices in the state of Oregon rose from North and Bend northwest, and this year it rose sharply – 37.2%. Twin Falls, Idaho, is in second place with an annual growth rate of 35.8%.
  • At the federal level, Idaho and Arizona lead with the highest prices of 32.2% and 29.5%, respectively.
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