Aavase’s donors

Inspired by Kedaara Capital and Partners, Aavas offers to provide home loans to participating clients in low and middle-income areas. In cities and villages.

NEW DELHI: Aavase’s donors said Tuesday that their committee has agreed on a plan to raise to $ 100 million by issuing bonds to private funds.

The board of directors at their meeting held on May 20, 2020, agreed to prepare for the acquisition, security, redemption, repayment, 10 lakh loan cuts, as well as -crore 100, Aavas in management.

Inspired by Kedaara Capital and Group Partners, Aavas actively promotes a lending business for clients that will engage with low-income and sub-regional partners in urban and rural areas.

Aavas Donor shares remain at 1,486.85 on the BSE, down 0.98 percent from a recent high.

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