The decision, taken jointly by all domestic agencies under the Dehradun Resident Welfare Front (DRWF), is said to be directly affected by Covid-19 disease.

DEHRADUN: Speaking of their separate model following the coronavirus outbreak that erupted last year, residential companies in Dehradun have blocked the entry of foreigners, including domestic workers, into a spacious building

The decision, taken jointly by all local organizations under the Dehradun Resident Welfare Front (DRWF), is said to increase the risk of Covid-19 disease.

“We are asking residents to give hundreds to their domestic workers but not cut their salaries. This will make them not have to worry about the budget. Also, this will reduce the chances of bad luck with the disease,” said President Mahesh Bhandari. DRWF.

RWA officers from Lace County were asked to dress residents as they walked through the community hall. The owners of this village have been asked not to accept visitors until the situation is right. Also, all service delivery systems are at public entrances where goods are collected once cleaned.

In addition, many residents came to help their infected neighbors and families with medicines and homemade food.

“The severity of the disease is devastating, with a lack of medical care and bedding in many areas. In this situation, human management is important. In addition, we will investigate people infected with Covid-19 infection and prevent others from contracting the disease,” Add Bhandari.

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