Launching a new computer loan program run by educational software to further grow its mortgage business.

Walker & Dunlop’s small-scale technology has the following advantages:
  • Simplify lending by creating information in just minutes with sample templates and repayments
  • Measuring the interest and value of goods using real-time data on the transaction, cost, and sales comparisons.
  • Credit terms are very clear from quotation to closing

Walker & Dunlop continues to expand its small multi-family credit base, making plans to expand its brand to be the first type in the United States for most families, and integrating its cutting-edge people with the best delivery technology financial wisdom is best for our customers.

Walker & Dunlop is the largest investor in the U.S. multi-family home market, with $ 31 billion in advertising and more than $ 24 billion in real estate by 2020. The company is also the Office’s leading lender and is named No. 1 Fannie. Mae DUS ® Lender and No. 4 Freddie Mac Optigo® Lender in 2020. Walker & Dunlop is a dedicated team with experience in all types of low-debt loans, including Freddie Mac Small Loans and Fannie Mae Multi-Family Small Loans, which provides financing things are different market shares, raw materials, and community building (MHC).

By 2020, mortgages of less than $ 10 billion accounted for $ 80 billion in total debt and 22% of total real estate debt. This fast-growing market is shared by more than 3,000 companies. Walker & Dunlop uses its people, genres, and technology to accelerate and grow its market share in this exciting market.

About Walker and Dunlop

Walker & Dunlop (NYSE: WD) is the largest investment company in the United States for many home businesses and the fourth largest broker in all real estate transactions, including factories, offices, shops, and visitors. Walker & Dunlop allows landowners and organizations to see the real world – where Americans live, work, shop, and play – in real life. Our people’s strengths, vision, and management technology allow us to better understand and be valued by our customers, providing an unparalleled experience every step of the way. With more than a thousand employees in major U.S. markets, Walker & Dunlop has always been one of Fortune’s best jobs® and is dedicated to real estate internal economic change in our communities.

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