In its second merger announced this year, United Real Estate (United) enters the country and strengthens the country’s service base with the Leading Edge Real Estate Group, based in Huntsville, Alabama. South Alabama is a major marketplace for technology and natural expansion of united service areas in Tennessee and the Southeast.

United Bullseye ™’s cloud-based productivity platform promotes United’s growth plan in markets planned to expand, attracting brokers in key markets to United’s global network. The year-based design platform provides end-to-end solutions for agents and vendors as they grow their businesses and serve their customers. With the core values of the platform and embedded in its network, United has accelerated the delivery of new offerings and solutions to affiliate representatives, vendors, and consumers.

About United Real Estate

United Real Estate – part of the United Real Estate Group – was established to provide answers to realtors and agents in the rapid transformation of the real estate industry. United provides current training, marketing, and technology tools to agents and brokers under a paid, transaction-based agent commission regime. By promoting a cloud-based company Bullseye ™ Representative and Broker Product Platform, United provides a profitable solution for agents and brokers. United Real Estate operates in 30 states with 111 offices and more than 16,000 representatives. The company generated more than $ 13.6 billion in sales by 2020.

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