Nationwide home price appreciation reaches 19.1% in January

According to the current CoreLogic Home Price Index from January 2022, U.S. home buyers looking to buy a home have remained optimistic about entering the New Year, with the prospect of buying in the next six months as the value of home prices is rapidly declining. Although market and economic constraints such as declining purchases, continued consumer competition, and declining purchasing power, consumers are likely to be willing to relocate while theft prices remain low.

“In December and January, retail sales remained low as we have seen in the generation,” Drs said. Frank Nothaft, chief financial officer at CoreLogic. “Consumers have continued to sell prices at relatively low prices in the market. However, rising mortgage prices since January have further undermined consumer confidence and are expected to reduce inflation in the coming months.”

Top Market Takeaways:

• Worldwide, house prices increased by 19.1% in January 2022, compared to January 2021. Every month, house prices increased by 1.4% compared to December 2021.

• In January, the annual value of closed buildings (20.3%) was 5.1 percent higher than that of related buildings (15.2%).

• Home prices are expected to be delayed by up to 3.8% per year by January 2023.

• January showed the second consecutive month in Naples (38.9%) and Punta Gorda (38.3%), Florida, set the highest year-over-year rise in house prices.

• At the state level, the Western and Southern Provinces continued to dominate the top three in terms of real estate prices, with Arizona leading at 38.3%. Florida is in second place with a growth of 27.9% and Utah followed in third place with 25.2%.

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