Truck owners are demanding that the Tamil Nadu government

Federation President Sella Rajamani called on the coalition government to reopen all disputes on the national sand that ended on April 7.

NOTE: The Federation of Own Sand Trucks in Tamil Nadu has trained the national government to create an expensive river and save the lives of those dependent on the industry.

Speaking to reporters in Tricky on Monday, Federal President Sella Rajamani urged the national government to reopen all armed conflicts since April 7.

 The truck owners are struggling with the financial crisis and have failed to repay their car loans. Some of them have committed suicide,” he said. Aniya. Sella Rajamani. According to Raja Raman, the government needs 60,000 sand every day.

In 2017, the closure of dunes controlled the number of accidents to number one, producing two hundred and five hundred units of sand per day. The coalition government, then the AIADMK government, also showed a shortage of dunes in 2017-2021, resulting in a shortage of sand in the river. For the construction of houses.

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