EIDA stopped renting the land with 2,500 deposits, taking care of it in February 2020. The city decided at the next board meeting, and no date was set.

OLD NOIDA: Following Jaypee’s team’s request to renew their sports program in Greater Noida, the Yamuna Expressway Business Development Authority will respond to the Uttar Pradesh government, officials said. By the end of 2019, YEIDA canceled the 2,500-hectare contract, which began in March 2020.

The sports town will be confirmed at the next board meeting, which has yet to be confirmed. YIDID Executive Director Arun Var Singh said, “Our representatives are brought before senior officials and the government after the board meeting. The decision will be made whether to leave or not.” After the authorities will be informed of all information. No further information will be provided while the case is being heard by the Supreme Court. “

The YeIDA program aims to fix the logjam surrounding Jaypee Sports International Limited (JPSI). With the support of Jaiprakash Associates Limited, JPSI was appointed to establish a sports station around Buddha International Circle. Although payment has not yet been made, YEIDA has taken place.

Jaypee’s hardliners objected to YeIDA’s decision before the Allahabad Supreme Court. By court order, the group paid YEIDA and filed a lawsuit to settle the matter in March this year.

“Jaypee’s team paid off two debts. The first was 55 crores in March 2020 and the second was 55 crores in March 2021,” the YeIDA official said. The selected number, which group increased, was very high.

The big issue between the two parties is how it should be arranged. While YEIDA wants to reduce interest in the field by joining SBI MCLR, YEIDA said there is little chance of doing so. “This field was provided to JPSI in 2009-10. It is stated in the register that interest is paid to SBI. We cannot change it without government approval,” a YEIDA official said.

Buyers have been waiting in their homes for ten years. “I bought 3BHK Kassia and agreed to pay 48 lakhs to Jaypee Associates Limited in 2011. I am still paying EMI. The formulation was done but our program is not yet complete.” Shailendra Singh, who lives in Okhla, Delhi, said: “Singh has called for help for government agencies, but we only have evidence. We are looking forward to leaving the Allahabad Supreme Court today. Singh is an active member of The Jaypee Sports Chairman’s benefit Association is an organization made up of property representatives.

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