Therefore, projects available in urban areas such as metro railway projects, construction of houses, etc.


NEW DELHI: In ICRA’s efforts, although the second covid-19 has hampered construction projects in the country, the success of medium and large enterprises is not expected to have a big impact on it.

Unlike the first one you have, there will be no national closures and closures in some areas until the repair work is completed.

Abhishek Gupta, vice president and head of the department, ICRA, said, “Even if you are only the second of the first, the government is not thinking of closing the country now, because of its collapse. This case, is resolved. Level” given the current situation, construction employment disruptions are not expected to be serious. “

Therefore, projects available in urban areas such as metro railway projects, construction of houses, etc.

Before the second Covid-19 wave, the construction sector had already started to show strong stability and implementation volumes exceeded previous Covid levels shown in GVA growth of 6.2% in Q3 FY2021., With growth estimated at 8.4% in Q4 FY2021.

As a result of this treatment, the GVA FY21 receptor is expected to function only at 10.3%, although the reduction of H1-FY21 exceeds 29.1%.

The recent upgrade of covid-19 increases the potential for disruption to construction projects in the local area and reduces workers ’access to the project site, which can lead to long-lasting disruption in repair work.

Recently, Delhi and Maharashtra announced 1-2-week closures, with many other countries announcing weekly closures/bans, which could affect the movement of workers and equipment. If the situation worsens, other countries will immediately put pressure on you.

However, contrary to previous restrictions, recreation is provided for other services. And, again, construction work is allowed in the area where the workers are located, even if the movement of workers is not allowed.

ICRA hopes that such interventions can be reduced and accelerated.

Also, because the department had a strong relationship during the first one, many companies improved their staff procurement systems and equipment.

Companies involved in housing construction are the most vulnerable, as most of these projects are in large cities where relocation and closure may be risky. Prevention of the death penalty.

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