More than 600 families were relocated to their homes, and most of the families were from Nagla Ganeshi, Nagla Phoolkan, and Dayanatpur Khera.

NOIDA is better: All homeless families are expected to be organized, except for this work in the first phase of the airport program in Noida on July 15.

On Wednesday, Commissioner Meerut Surendra Singh visited the six towns where the Listen stadium will be evacuated, to see the development progress.

Nearly 600 families have more than 3,000 displaced, and most of the families are from Nagla Ganeshi, Nagla Phoolkan, and Dayanatpur Khera.

In the first phase, officials must leave the six cities to form the foundation stone for the Noida Airport plan. Meanwhile, the villagers said they have not been given the time to complete the construction of their houses in Jewar Bangar town but called immediately for change.

And again, government officials monitor the progress of the project daily. The WhatsApp team was set up to share with Luck now officials the news of the flight and their problems. Gautama manager Budh Nagar, who has appointed nine judges, sends a situation report to the Royal office every night. Officials at the Yamuna Expressway Business Development Council and representatives of Yamuna International Airport Private Limited (YIAPL), a special vehicle appointed by the EU government to plan the project, also spoke with group commissioners tonight.

YIDID Executive Director Arun Var Singh, who is also the director of YIAPL, said: We provide electricity and water 24 hours a day for houses to be built at night. Nagla Ganeshi and Kishorepur were abandoned and replaced by modern 250 families. “

Of the 1,334 hectares given to the Zurich AG branch that granted the rights to establish and operate the stadium, 1,287 hectares had no buildings. While the road is located and close to Nagla Ganeshi, authorities estimate that 238 families were first relocated to the city.

A member of the review committee set up by the government to get feedback from the city population, Mozzam Khan said, “Many people in the town have supported this initiative and are considering changing their mind.” they want to spend time building their homes because of financial problems and other things. “

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