Coalition Sanjay Kumar stressed the delay in submitting reports of reforms made as part of the World Bank (CBB) -funded urban development program.

PANAJI: The Ministry of Housing and Urban Aviation Management (MO HUA) has written to the national government, especially the Panaji City Council (CCP) asking about delays in making important reforms in the city as part of the AMRUT Project – Peg- prevention of Urban Development and Urban Development. The Ministry program, to assist in infrastructure development.

Coalition Sanjay Kumar stressed the delay in submission of reports of reforms made as part of the urban development program funded by the World Bank (CBB) This is the second event in Goa, especially for the CCP to provide a final report on property tax reform, tax reform, The Ministry of Housing CCP marketing and advocacy for democracy.

As part of the AMRUT Project, Panaji Smart City Development Limited (IPSCDL) has contracted an independent CRISIL information company and risk assessment team to conduct a 40-day long-term aggregation process to fill the positions in the bank. He wants a reward. Since the start of 2018, the first project report has not been approved by the coalition government and the CCP even though it was provided by CRISIL, the statement said.

TOI officials said that, despite spending, and the recommendation is made, the CCP has not yet acted and taken steps to look to the future.

A similar specialized income tax agreement has been set to help the CCP find ways to increase advertising through nationwide display advertising. Improving sales tax is the key to AMRUT.

The first, brief, final, conclusive, and final report – 1, 2 of the CCP tax income increase remains the same even though the CBUD program is completed in August 2018.

The reports requested by the Center will help ensure that the cost-effective funding and development is completed, CBUD team secretary Joydev Pramanik said. He sent a recall to Goa and other countries on April 21 to seek information about the improvements.

“So we want to know this area for the establishment of courts provided by city council consultants and their tax dealings.” Pramanik in his letter in April.

After countries, including Goa, fled the letter, Kumar sent a new reminder on June 9th.

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