The government also announced that the electricity bill has been removed, so it will only pay electricity for hotels, shops, landlords, and water parks.

AHMEDABAD: To strengthen hotels and stores, the coalition government on Monday announced the removal of property taxes for hotels, restaurants, warehouses, and water storage facilities for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

The government has also announced that it has removed the electricity bill so that it will only pay electricity for hotels, shops, and apartments as well as the water bill.

This decision is a great relief for the tourism industry, which started with a lot of money, from illness. “The property tax will be issued after the fastest industrialization during the first and second rounds of Covid-19. Case.

The industry has forgotten to protect businesses and hotel workers from being the first employees. This is a positive change that will benefit many people struggling with their businesses,” said Sudjanaran, Sod Sudan, General Manager of Novatel Ahmedabad.

Supporters of his case are working hard to get the true translation of this statement online.

The meeting was held between HRA members and Prime Minister Vijay Rupani on Monday afternoon and the decision was announced.

“The payment of rents, rising labor costs, and shortages due to the ban are severely affecting restaurants and hotels and choice will be permanent. Manufacturing of goods will reduce the financial burden on hotels,” did he declare. Namenda Somani. President of HRA, Gujarat.

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