A statement from the Social Impact Survey (SIA), written by Rajagiri out Reach, a non-governmental organization, reinforces the fears of the Ayyampuzha people, who will form the Sau City of Finance and Trade in the World (GIFT).

COACH: The Social Impact Assessment Report (SIA), compiled by Rajagiri out Reach, a non-governmental organization, confirmed the fears of Ayyampuzha residents, which will create Global Finance and Commerce (GIFT).

However, this article advises the government to improve this program by providing compensation, promoting employment opportunities for affected family members.

According to the report, the planned area has a heavy tree cover, as it is part of the Western Ghats and is trying to protect the area, protecting the trees in the area. Areas affected by location and action are required. Removal of damaged crops. “

The planned project will be 222 hectares to be rehabilitated in the village of Ayyampuzha. A 75-page statement was written as part of the projected replacement.

Responses from 90 homeowners were part of the review. Of the 90 people, fifty-three indicated that they wanted to donate land for the project, but twenty -two refused to donate land, and thirteen were free.

Nuts, coconut, tapioca, hemp, and fruit juice are available at various retail outlets. Of the 90 surveyed, seventy -seven are said to be planting gardens and in many places, there are wells, ponds, similar houses, and more. He also said that not only the landlords but also the workers will be able to earn a living once the land is used intentionally.

The statement also urged the government to inspect 171, 4700 hectares of government land, near the designated area, for the implementation of the GIFT City plan, in case there is a problem in land acquisition. Accordingly, the landlords, TOI, resigned the permit as a result of the report. They fear that climate change will also help the program reduce their concerns about the loss of trees and nature.

“We live in peace and order. Why would managers want to do this program in our fields by evicting us from our homes? We are not opposed to development. But they can use the world around them. Designated area. Two mountains, a large panchayat drinking water sauce, were destroyed in the project area due to a future water shortage. They can see the red soil and the local rocks. Just a few of the rights activists human beings should come to our area because they bought a lot of lands last year from poor farmers,”said Jose Chullikkaran, a member of the anti-corruption committee.

Fearing that the trees in the project area would become conserved, a group of local children planted trees on World Environment Day, which was not planned.

Those who have expressed interest in sharing their land to do the project are those living outside the program, Kallarackal said.

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