Given the current economic situation, current FAR prices and property taxes should not be added to all types of goods, and property taxes should be used to show price abuse, they said.

NEW Delhi: DDA has agreed to make changes to the 2016 Unified Building Byelaws on Tuesday, allowing exceptions from the warning and building permit for the operation of underground oxygen drinking water in hospitals, under conditions, officials said.

The move seeks to ensure that medical oxygen production in court hospitals can treat COVID-19 infection, they said.

This is one of the statements made by the town branch at their Guringa website conference and is presided over by Lieutenant Anil Baijal.

Following detailed information, the Commission agreed on some issues, including approval for the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to make this progress by allowing it to develop plans for other projects next. His habit below. Pathan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) drops from everyone parts are important, officials said.

To ensure that oxygen treatment units in court hospitals can treat COVID-19 infection, the Commission has approved a change to the 2016 integrated building regulations, a DDA statement said.

The change allows for contact with oxygen such as PSA (compulsion), oxygenated water, etc., so that they do not have FAR (underground), and are confined to the floor of hospital wards selected or open.

Alternatively, a notice and construction permit from a legal agreement will not be required for the construction of a PSA store or hospital oxygen tank and other hospital-linked networks either underground and in open or empty. It’s flat. However, a clean engine, PESO, and other new solutions are needed, if needed.

This initiative will greatly assist in the development of spiritual events in Delhi. It will control the city’s dependence on foreign countries for life-saving gas, the DDA said.

Also, according to information obtained from the Delhi Fire Services, oxygen stations with a distance of less than 500 mm are not covered under Rule 27 (9) of the Delhi Fire Department and therefore, a certificate stating that no fire is required. , according to certain conditions in the road safety regime.

The proposed amendment will be submitted to the Department of Housing and Land Affairs for final approval. Once approval has been obtained, the DDA must notify.
Notice was also given on the request for the disposal of part of the residential building for the construction of toilets, not exceeding 60 sq. meter, for the provision of affordable housing.

Considering the current economic situation, current FAR prices and taxes should not be added to all types of property, and property taxes should be used to demonstrate the misuse of prices.

A request for an extension of the date for the confirmation of the reconstruction of independent air projects in non-compliant areas 31 December 2023 and an increase in the standard ERC payment on 15 August 2022, presented to the gods with maps in Narela also confirmed.

An application for the renewal of the Delhi Master plan 2021 in line with the development plan for the management, was not approved by the final selection by the Ministry of Housing and Climate Change, which was approved by the Commission.

Public comments and suggestions on a plan to change ground use from a residential building (construction) to a central vehicle in Idgah Road, Zone A will be invited, officials said.

A request was made to a legal review to finance the maintenance of non-residential buildings and units and reduce the cost of living.

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