CHANDIGARH: The Board of Directors of Chandigarh House (CHB) has advertised 36 free homes located in Chapters 38 (West), 49, 51, and 63.

Last month UT put 109 housing units into the plan.

Executive director of the CB, said they are completely confident in the rent and the amount of rent that Chandigarh’s accommodation may have at an even higher price.

In many homes, even if one request was approved, it was much higher than the cost of care. Tender-e returned better funds for the board of Chandigarh House. This is the first time he has received a positive response, he added.

To cite one example, he says that most units received one request but the high price which was from 8 to 11 Rs exceeded the maintenance. As such, most of the acquired units complied with the standard which was Rs 12 lakh to 15 lakh more than the maintenance cost.

The maximum difference between the collection price and the maximum rent was 18.88 lakhs for three bedrooms in section 63. The minimum difference between the maintenance price and the higher price was 74,160 rupees for two bedrooms in section 51

The maximum price of 3BHK in section 63 was $ 1.05 and the maximum price of two BHK in section 51 was 99.01 lakh and EWS apartment in Sekheng 63 for 30 lakh.

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