The organizers decided to go with the government after a meeting called under the banner of the Federal Trade and Industry Confederation of Jharkhand (FJCCI) on Friday.

RANCHI | BACKGROUND: People who own much Shopping in and around the city are urging the government to allow them to continue their activities.

The senior officials decided to go to the government after the meeting held under the banner of the Federal Trade and Industry Confederation of Jharkhand (FJCCI) on Friday.

Shopping Announcing the media after the meeting, FJCCI President Kunal Ajmani said, “The government has allowed businesses and small businesses to start operations after not complying with Covid’s policies. There is a huge loss of owners. . ‘

A statement from FJCCI states that there are seven popular shopping malls in the province and three in Ranchi, two in Jamshedpur, and one in Dhanbad and Bokaro. “While some countries allow stores to operate, the long-term closure of Jharkhand has made it difficult for stores to pay their bills. Many are also facing serious problems as their products will no longer be available they day, “the statement said.

Assuming the floor area is between 40 and 40 millimeters of feet, it will not be difficult to maintain customer interaction when it opens. “The stores in these stores are small and usually have one or two stores. At any given time, there are four or five customers in the store. In these cases, it is easier to see the relationship, “he said.

Vishnu Agarwal, an owner of Ranch Nucleus Mall, said, “Forty-two Nucleus Mall stores have been announced and another 27 are being considered to do so. The closure of the facility will hurt the government. Every month paid $ 5. “

Bokaro Mall also has similar problems with its 140 stores that they say they can’t afford to rent. Store owner Dharmendra Jain said, “The government has lost $ 3 million a month from my house due to the closure. The products are locked in the monthly exhibition rooms now. We will have a hard time pay our debts without reopening. “

The government closed stores in early April when the disease hit the country, and no action was taken to allow them to reopen.

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