As of November 1, 12.34 euros ($ 14.54) increase his monthly salary by 623.44 euros, will be “difficult” to support only with his pension, Lehmann told AFP.

BERLIN: At her home in Berlin, Regina Lehmann is not waiting for a letter from the landlord, a large real estate business: the list will grow. At the beginning of November 1, 12.34 euros ($ 14.54) increase in his monthly salary of 623.44 euros, it will be “difficult” to support with his money only through pensions, Lehmann told AFP.

About 700 of its neighbors in the famous Berlin region Spandau will see the same, forcing its list to eight percent.

Such an increase in the start of a popular attempt to “trick” properties like Adler, the owner of Lehmann’s store, will end with a home inspection on September 26, the same day. One of the governmental and electoral systems.

Residents of the capital are increasingly frustrated by rising house prices as the city’s attraction to foreigners has grown in recent years.

In central Berlin, house prices have also become a hot topic in street fights over the so-called Angela Merkel.

Returning to Lehmann’s salon, surrounded by photos of his family, Lehmann said he “didn’t pay” for the promotion.

364,000 signatures

Journalists confirmed the election in Berlin after collecting 346,000 signatures to support their idea – more than the required number.

They mimic the “use” of buildings of more than three thousand buildings.

The result of the election will not be forced, but it does show that the city government is reacting to rising wages, with house prices rising by 85 percent from 2007 through 2019.

The increase was devastating in major regions, where 80 percent of the population lives, and 19.3 percent of the population lives below the limit, compared to 15.9 percent nationwide.

Advertisers are appealing to higher courts, such as Adler, which has 20,000 buildings in Berlin.

In Lehmann’s Spandau district, lawyers say Adler’s attempt to raise wages was unmanageable, exceeding the value of the index included by the average salary in each category.

The property group, in response, described the “improved area” around farmhouses, which offers multiple reasons for renting.

Many Berliners paid for the action after the German government collapsed, demolished a store built by the city earlier this year, and a daily Tagesspiegel survey alone shows 47 percent of the police agencies.

“Recently my salary has risen to 100 euros, although I have not earned more than before.”

Political conflict

On Friday, more than a week before the election, the city of Berlin announced a purchase of $ 4,700,000 against $ 4,400 by German dealers Deutsche When and Vonovia.

The housing development is abandoned by the government and local politicians, but they are interested in urgent housing projects.

“Comprehensive protection for employers will always be available and there will always be an adult compromise,” Armin Laschet, Merkel’s winner, told a ground conference in Berlin in June.

A prominent Berlin journalist in local elections, Franziska Giffey, also vowed to oppose the request, saying it would “stain” the image of the city. But the mayor of his party, Olaf Scholz, asked for “money” to fix prices.

Only the left-wing of Die Linke and other Green voters were the first to enjoy the event, with some even showing a ballot in their election.

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