Residents of Bengaluru

If you’ve ever seen a few rented cities in the city, don’t think about it. Newspapers appear on store windows, home doors, and office doors as people search for safer places.

BENGALURU: When a severe accident exploded on the roof, many Bengalureans left their rented houses to seek shelter in their homes.

If you’ve ever seen a few rented cities in the city, don’t think about it. Newspapers appear on store windows, home doors, and office doors as people search for safer places. Like a flock of birds flying from their homes to storm-prone areas, thousands of people in the city are seeking the safety of their homes and relatives.

Suit Kumar rented a house from Maratha Hal because it was close to his office. 10,000 cases of Covid Bengaluru a day and afraid that the locks would return, Kumar, left his home and returned to his parents in Hesaraghatta. Kumar is one of many who have moved their homes to a safer place.

Journalist Darshana (name changed) will lead the house this week. The owner paid and moved to a place where he could be close to his friends and family. “The end of last year was a struggle for me. I don’t think I can live after the lockout, I’m still alone,” he said.

Realtors said that with the recovery of Covid affairs, more rent is needed. Real estate agent T Ramesh Kumar said: “Most of my shops are empty. Businessmen have left the building for fear of closing. Rumors are spreading as fast as a coronavirus. While there will be no coronavirus. Restrictions, the government said, people are not willing to comply and do not want to be arrested in the city without traffic and food, as happened last year. So another demographic is changing, and the leaders in Businesses are looking for stores without offices or offices. “

Kamala S, who lives in the defense colony, said: “My employers left home last year and only came back for two months. I know how long I have to wait before finding new employers. . “

The train stations have received a large number of people in recent weeks with many leaving the city. Many want to live in their home villages, where there are very few Covid cases. While most companies offer home-based jobs, many prefer to work in the cities and small towns where they come from. R Prasad, a first-year BA student, told Mirror: “I left my house on Bannerghatta Road on April 11 and went back to Patna because my studies were online City.”

Now the owner plans to give the owner money. “Under this agreement, there is an increase in annual income of 10 percent. As a result, we discontinued this application but asked for an increase of 5%. A weak horse is better than no horse. Although” the house is empty, we have to pay a small amount for it. Electricity, water, and housing taxes, “said Girish S, technician, and owner.

My employer left home last year and was only two months ago. But when the Covid crisis returns, they return to their hometown. Kamala S, resident of Colony Defense

Lakshmi path B, a civil engineer, said: “Tasks and better internet connection in remote areas of Bengaluru take people to rural areas. If you can work somewhere, why should anyone do it? Stay in Bangalore? And there will be a trade fair price “I also saw the sudden cancellation of orders from buyers who want to build rental homes. Wait a few years now for demand to increase.”

Some rent a warehouse to pick up their bags. “Since we have left the rental home for a few months, we are always looking for storage space until we return. When that happens, we can build new houses again, “said student Prashanthi Reddy. And he left. I’m local, where can I go? I’m staying here to protect myself. From the Covid table


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