The federal government has also sent a report to 900 entrepreneurs asking them to cancel their tax accounts from the date of the report.

PUNE: Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has created ten commercial properties that are subject to higher property taxes.

The federal agency also sent the notification to 9,000 businesses and other residential areas where they were asked to cancel their tax accounts after the notification.

Pune supplies 10.5 million items, including retail, housing, and more. The taxes paid by these buildings provide a good income for the community. As property taxes continue throughout the year, the value of the house is slowly changing again. Authorities estimate that the 9,000 buildings they work on will earn $ 200 million.

“We’re trying to raise salaries, so we’ve launched a special car,” said PMC Chief of Staff Vilas Kanade.

PMC has introduced a special payroll that has helped increase this year’s tax revenue.

The paint team donated hundreds of thousands of dollars on Friday. That’s about $ 214 billion more than was forecast the previous year. This year’s turnover was EUR 1,001 million. PMC data show that 6,266,072 owners paid their taxes at the same time this year (April 1 and August 27, 2021).

According to the PMC office, property taxes were introduced at the lowest possible price. The government agency offers two ways to pay taxes, including abroad.

Octroi and income tax brought PMC revenue. Thus, the property tax then removes the company’s income. The agency noted that the PMC earns 1,400 to 1,600 million rubles a year through this tax.

According to PMC officials, the real estate department has decided to take a flexible approach to tax issues. The tax rate is pending in the courts but will be overturned in court. PMC expects to raise $ 30 million from the event.

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