In the tax year 2020-21, around 1, 07,000 assets were registered with a closing price of 1325 rupees, which is 8% more than the final amount, official data shows.

INDORE: Enrollments for the fiscal year 2020-21 are higher than last year, forcing taxes to increase by 8 percent despite a slow spread of the coronavirus virus.

In taxes in 2020-21, around 1, 07,000 properties were registered with a closing price of 1,325 rupees, which is 8% higher than the final amount, government data shows.

Assets registered during the Covid period were higher than the department’s expectations

District secretary Balkrishna More said, “Registrations of houses and apartments have declined in the past year despite the coronavirus being blamed for rising housing demand, especially for first-time homebuyers.

Last year, 1,066,800 items were registered and the total revenue was 1,229 million.

In December, there was a high sales rate that resulted in $ 206 million in sales of 14,000 items in the city.

His lawyer sought to put a transcript of the statement on the Internet.

The Madhya Pradesh government in September last year canceled CESS operations which reduced registration fees by 10.5% compared to 12.5%   on December 31.

President of the Indore Branch of the Federation of Real Estate Developers Association (CREDAI) Indore, Lila Dhār Maheswari said: The temporary reduction in printing and management of fixed items since May has strengthened the retail market.

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