PWD Minister Satyendar Jain shared information here at a press conference and answered the question that new houses will be built for low and JJ residents.

NEW DELHI: The Delhi government has built the center to use more than 47,500 toilets for affordable housing (ARHC), PWD Minister Satyendar Jain said on Wednesday.

The Delhi Minister of PWD shared information here at a press conference and answered the question that new houses should be built for people living in the suburbs and colonial areas of JJ.

According to the plan, the Delhi government has built these expensive houses to remove the people living in the ruins.

“We wrote to the center and held a meeting. However, a government decision was made and the center ordered the use of 47,511 buildings for an affordable house,” Jain said.

The Delhi minister later replied.

According to the website of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the ARHCs of the Ministry of Economic Development allow cities and poor refugees to use them to access cheap rental housing nearby.

The spread of COVID-19 led to the recovery of cities and poor foreigners. Urban dwellers live in temporary, unplanned, and unplanned suburban areas to protect themselves from housing prices. The site says they want better rental equipment at a lower cost.

To address this, the department has launched Organized Economic Housing (ARHC), a small program in Pradhan Mantri AWAS Yojana-Urban (PMAY-U).

ARHC beneficiaries are urban and poor EWS or LIG. ARHC areas are a combination of one or two apartments and 4-6 apartments, covering all public areas used exclusively for renting apartments for less than a year. 25, the website says.

Jain notes that of the 9104 units in all households, several departments paid for the replacement, and there were more people and they paid, and these units were added to jobs. Delhi blends were expected to be delivered soon.

The PWD minister continued to tell customers in difficulty that to improve the situation, it is necessary to be prepared for the lack of space in the city.

“But a few days ago, we received a letter from downtown saying that all 47,511 houses should be rented,” he said.

Jain said the Delhi Development Council (DDA) has requested 9,535 units for public transport, but the center also said no, but these houses should be covered by the program and the ARHC.

Asked about the Delhi government’s move to control white supremacy to prevent contamination of opponents, he replied, “We also want to stop burning white funds. A new leader.”

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