NGT chairman Adarsh   Kumar Goel led a pollution control committee, the National Environmental Management Council, and the NOIDA Executive Director, to find solutions to pollution prevention and environmental protection, and improve the responsibility for past crimes.

NEW DELHI: The National Green Council on Monday instructed NOIDA and the UP administration to take steps to challenge the inefficiency of water purification systems in the Gautam Buddh Nagar Housing Department.

NGT chairman Adarsh   Kumar Goel has been the head of the national board for pollution control, Environmental Protection Agency, and NOIDA CEO, for the environment, and development. The burden of past crimes.

The Deputy Secretary, National Environmental Impact Assessment Agency (SEIAA), UP will be the main coordinator of the integration and implementation plan. It’s already being done, “the chairman said.

The green chart is presented to assess STP operations, address wastewater measurements and utilization, and develop and stabilize waste management systems.

The registrar may submit a set of documents to the State PCB, SEIAA, UP, and NOIDA CEO and a certificate of service within one week.

NGT The case will continue on May 15.

The court heard an appeal from the RG Citizens ’Property Association against the efficiency of waste management in the Group Housing building, R.G. The resident, Section 120, Noida said the waste disposal is not harmful to the environment and science.

According to the application, in the housing department, there are 1500 houses, and Noida Council approved the residence permit on September 9, 2015.

The Support Project did not comply with environmental regulations, as stated.

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