They tried to fix NIT errors. The Coalition Government relinquished NIT’s authority in August 2019.

NAGPUR: Tensions between two city officials – Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) – have reversed the dreams of 387 families because of their complex plans. It is not clear whether NMC or NIT is the way to handle under the green bar.

On January 1, TOI highlighted the situation of 337 families who did not build houses behind them because the street had a recognized water tank and government planning program NIT the Plot the Guards Association decorated Chinchbuva six years ago. They tried to fix NIT errors. The coalition government resigned from NIT’s mandate as a plan in August 2019. The case was then handed over to the NMC, which said it would take a long time to find a way out.

“Urban planning authorities visited the project and urged them to change the route to the surrounding area. NIT had to change the route before it belonged.

 NIT did not consider the PU area because the whole system was empty. The water tank is above the PU surface and the road is. Because the tank body In both cases, but NMC representatives said the government returned NIT’s administrative mandate in March, they don’t know if the matter will be taken to NIT or whether the plan will be revised,” the office owner said.

According to the NMC office, the fee is paid for the Green Zone program and was organized by NIT.  It is not known whether the green area has been returned to NIT. Commissioner Radhakrishnan B has written to the government to get the Green Belts management program,” he said.

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